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Welcome to, your online resource for quality professional commercial photography.

Example of product photography We specialise in commercial product and packshot photography.
Whatever you need photographing, from antiques to toys, clothes to jewellery or mugs to boxes, thedigitalimageworks offers a fast and high quality service.
Example of product photography

What we offer: Top quality digital photography produced to suit your requirements at a competitive price.

What we supply: High quality still-life, packshot, and product photography. The digital images we supply are suitable for use in printed catalogues or brochures, or on the web in online catalogues for example.

What we charge:Example of product photography With prices starting at only 14 per shot, and volume discounts, thedigitalimageworks can help to keep your project within budget.

Our service: You simply deliver your products to us; we will carefully photograph them and return them to you along with a CD or DVD of your finished images.

As featured in Local Photographer

Excerpt from an article published in MacUser on 16th August 2004 about achieving quality product and packshot photography:

'The exponential rise of websites and online catalogues, not to mention existing paper-based publications, has seen demand for more product photography than ever before.
Traditionally, these product photos would be taken by studio-based professionals with specialist equipment, but the rise in popularity of relatively powerful and inexpensive digital cameras has led to many people believing they can do it themselves. The results, unsurprisingly, have not always been great.
As with any other style of photography, a professional will always be able to deliver a far superior result.'

The work done by thedigitalimageworks, both product photography and pack shot photography, represents the best in commercial photography, and is undertaken by experienced staff who have worked as photographers for many years producing photographic images for clients such as Homebase, B&Q, Wickes, Argos, The Original Gift Company, Truprint, and many others.

As part of our commercial photographic services, we provide a range of packshot and digital product photography, covering promotional, advertising and catalogue work for web and print use.

We specialise in high quality digital photography, producing commercial packshot, product, and still-life photographs suitable for use on the web, in online catalogues for example, or as higher resolution photographs for printed catalogues or brochures. When you need a professional product photographer, we will be there for you.

Whether you require product photography for your web site, product packaging, advertising, brochure or catalogue, we can provide a solution for all of your photographic needs. If you are considering product photography, feel free to contact thedigitalimageworks for a quote, or to discuss your commercial product photography requirements, however large or small.

Whether you need just one single pack shot or a large number of product shots, we guarantee a professional, friendly service every time.